Red flags at work

arrow The employees are transported to and from the workplace by persons not employed at the workplace.

arrow An employee provides food for the other employees at the workplace.

arrow The employees show signs of physical injury and poor nutrition and their general appearance
may seem untidy/unkempt with clothing that is inadequate for the season.

arrow The employees seem nervous and cowed (afraid of employer/backer/authorities).

arrow The employees are silent or provide vague information when asked about the working
conditions, including working hours, and their date of arrival in Denmark.

arrow Gross restriction of movement at the workplace and/or the worker's living quarters.

arrow The employees are not paid their wages/the wages are withheld or they are extremely underpaid.

arrow The employees have no contract and the work is not organised.

arrow The employees work long hours, including weekends.

arrow The employees do not have a phone number for the supervisor or any contact with this person.

arrow The employees owe a great debt to the supervisor, the recruitment company or others.

arrow The employees have no identification papers. Identification documents and personal
documents seem to have been confiscated, and the employee cannot leave the site or document
his/her identity/status.

arrow The employees present false identification documents/personal and/or travel documents.

arrow The employees have been subjected to threats of being reported to the authorities and possibly
also to physical violence.

arrow The employees have no or limited access to medical treatment