Direct recruitment and employment

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Direct recruitment and employment - Reduce risk and show responsible corporate behavior

Below is checklist B of initiatives which may reduce the risk of hidden forced labour. 

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Does the company have a detailed employment procedure which clarifies who has direct responsibility for each employment and direct responsibility for each individual employee?

list image Does the company ensure that every time an employment takes place, there is a personal meeting, and that the employee shows up at the company address for joint signature of the contract?
list image Does the company ensure that the contract is in a comprehensible language and that  all the details in the contract is understood by the new employee?
list image Does the company consider using independent interpreters to communicate with foreign employees who do not speak Danish?
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Does the company ensure that the employee brings the following original documents to the interview?

  • Criminal record and consent form
  • Registration certificate for EU citizens
  • Work permit and residence permit for non-EU citizens
  • Copy of photo identification such as passport for non-Danish citizens
  • Health insurance certificate
  • Security clearances, if necessary.

    Check their authenticity and contact the police in case of doubt. Remember to check the date and the date of expiry for all documents/permits.
list image Does the company ensure that the person who is present is identical to the person in the identification documents (passport)? Check the photo identification, age, height, eye colour, ear shape etc.
list image Does the company remember to copy all employment documents and keep them in the staff file at the company?
list image Have specific declarations been prepared which must be signed by the employee regarding the employee’s rights and obligations, for example that the employee is not allowed to bring unauthorised persons to the workplace?
list image Does the company consider issuing an identification card with photo and date of expiry at the time of employment, which must always be carried by the employee at the workplace?
list image Does the company consider covering all expenses in connection with recruitment so that expenses are not imposed on employees directly or indirectly?
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Are the following questions asked at the employment interview at the company:

  • Where did the person hear about the job? (recruitment)
  • Did the person pay a third party to come to Denmark?
  • Has the person paid or must he/she pay a third party to be employed? Is the person in debt as a result of this?
  • Where does the person live (address)? Who is the person’s landlord? What is the person’s phone number and who should be contacted in case of an emergency?
list image Is the job candidate informed of rights such as hourly rate, working hours and the possibility of joining a trade union at the employment interview?
list image Does the company inform new employees in training of signs of human trafficking for forced labour?

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Has the company informed foreign employees of their rights and obligations as employees in Denmark?

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